What Does Organic Food Taste Like?

In a previous article, I’ve explained the distinction between organic food and conventional food. I also mentioned a straightforward way of finding organic food products, that is by checking if they’re certified organic. Being certified by a regulating body means that they passed the standard in keeping their production process organic as defined by the regulating body (e.g. USDA, EU, ASEAN, etc.).

But what about a backyard garden filled with vegetables and fruit trees, and never used chemicals while they were growing until the time they bear fruit for harvest? The point is even small organic backyard gardens can reap the benefits of organic food without an international regulating body having to announce that what is being done there is organic farming.

Why don’t we forget about this entire certification matter for a moment and try to remember eating vegetables as a child. I know, it’s not that special, right? It’s possibly one of the most boring memories for most people.

But not for me, I was fortunate enough that my mom, an agriculturist, grew our vegetables all-natural all the way. She used crop rotation, composting, vermiculture, even using some ornamental plants to lure pests away from the crops by making natural pesticide. To be honest, how she does all that is fascinating to me. It’s her science and her craft. I did however get to take advantage of the daily organic produce.

Sweet Potato

I know it’s difficult to relate if you haven’t experienced it yourself, but I’ll try my best to describe what it was like eating real organic food. Imagine lettuce, tomatoes, okras, eggplants, cucumbers, even bitter gourds had a natural sweetness to them after harvest. Usually, my mom would cook them very lightly in a stir-fry dish or just half-cooked in soup, and the crunchiness of the vegetables would still be there with every bite. Oh, and how good they all smelled! We would harvest our own sweet basil for salad, tarragon and mint for tea; I tell you the aromas are just delightful.

If you also thought before that organic food probably tasted like earth, it doesn’t. If it does, maybe you didn’t wash your vegetables well enough. If you give real organic flavors a try, it tastes like heaven. Ok, that’s a bit too much, but seriously though it really was a wonderful experience having fresh organic food all the time. Healthy. Delicious. Interesting.

I urge you to try real organic flavors; and no cheating—do not use artificial flavor enhancers (those loaded with monosodium glutamate). Just let the vegetables’ natural taste blend with each other.

That’s what Asian Organics achieved with their flavorful mixes (organic yellow, red, and green curry paste). Each mix is made from organic herbs and vegetables providing great-tasting curry paste bottled for convenient consumption.

Remember what I said about certified organic brands, Asian Organics is certified; but they also go way beyond that by ensuring that their products taste is made of high-quality organic produce to create delicious organic food products.

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